Rainy day soup (and bread from heaven)

Another weekend of soul sapping weather, just as well J and I have three windows to paint, the perfect excuse to stay indoors.  A quick raid of the fridge and a trip up the road to that most wonderful of butchers, The Ginger Pig, has brought to my table a lovely little chicken and ham pie, wild garlic, leeks and potatoes from the fridge so today I’m making a gentle soothing potato, leek and wild garlic soup to have with buttered slices of the rye sourdough loaf I snaffled over at Balthazar’s beautiful little boulangerie earlier in the week. If you haven’t been yet you must, a few minutes in this space makes everything better. Recipe below…

Balthazar London
Beautiful breads as far as the eye can see

Leek, potato and wild garlicleek, potato and wild garlic soup

  • For the soup heat a tablespoon of olive oil and another of butter in a large pan.
  • Gently cook one chopped white onion and two large leeks until softened.
  • Add five floury potatoes chopped in to chunks, 750ml of chicken stock, black pepper and a glug of milk then allow to simmer gently for about an hour.
  • Before serving add a couple of handfuls of washed wild garlic, allowing it to wilt then serve.
  • If you like your soup smooth then blitz it towards the end of cooking with a hand blender


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