Meet Margot

As I mentioned in my last post, I haven’t been blogging much and this is why.  Meet Margot.  She’s two and a half months old, extremely soft, a little bit nippy and thoroughly intrepid.  From here on her adventures will be documented in detail alongside my own. She’s already been to some great restaurants, hung out at parties, been thrown out of Tesco and our local brunch spot (shame on them) and spent her first morning at the office. I should mention we don’t have any revolving doors at Sauce for those of you who heard the sad news about Tatler Alan this week (may his paws rest in peace).  She’s growing fast but she still fits perfectly in my dressing gown pocket (see photo).  Suffice to say, you are going to be hearing a lot more from her…

Miniature dachshund
Margot the wirehaired dachshund



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