How to make a light box

How to Make a Light Tent

Here is a step by step guide to making your very own mini studio

1. Take a cardboard box at least 1 ft squared. Set it so that it’s opening is facing you and cut out the sides and top panel leaving the back and base intact
2. Cover the top and sides with smooth white transparent or tracing paper
3. Create a runway from the top of the inside of the back of the box by taping a sheet of smooth thick white paper or card to the top back and draping it down and out of the front of the box
4. Now place the box near a light source such as a window or better still, a lamp with the beam pointing in through the side
5. Place your item to be photographed inside the tent so it is contained within the three papered walls and shoot

Tip: The larger the light tent the more light there is to bounce around and the better the result
To achieve well spread light look at where you are positioning the light source, if the light is coming in from one side, balance it out by creating a source of light from the other side such as another lamp or a window



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