Pitt Cue minus the queue…

Image: Pitt Cue
Image: Square Meal

Having heard the horror stories of two hour tailbacks of hungry souls shivering in the street in anticipation of being granted access to the holy grail of barbecued pork, I was rather surprised to pretty much walk straight up and in to Pitt Cue last night (tip: arrive at 5.30 and snaffle a drink from the next door pub whilst you wait the half until they open).

We were briskly served pulled pork and various fun “extras” in a utilitarian enamel tin (£9.50) with crunchy vinegared house pickles, a small pot of buttery “burnt end mash” and a large wodge of charred brown bread with which to mop up all the lovely thick smoky juices. Vegetables didn’t really get a look in nor did pudding (no room).

I have been a fan of Pitt Cue since my first taster last summer when the boys had a busy little van dishing out porky delights under Hungerford Bridge so was pleased when the site on Newburgh Street was announced.   The place is clearly doing really well which is great and wholly well deserved but I’m not sure I’ll be rushing back just yet until things die down a bit.  The dolls’ house dimensions of the dining room – which probably seats a maximum of 30 people at any one time – is off-putting and a bit odd for a restaurant serving such simple unelaborate food.  Who am I to judge though, it’s a bold move opening a restaurant in these fickle financial times and I can understand why the owners may have thought it prudent to play it safe and start teeny tiny.  Good for them.  Just not so good for everyone else left waiting on the street…

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