Paint dipped spoons

If your wooden spoons are looking a little forlorn, this is an easy way to make them shiny and happy again. Plus they make really pretty presents or you could just customise them for your own kitchen.  HOURS of fun…

Coloured painted wooden spoons
A little bit like pick up sticks but more fun…
Wooden painted spoons
Can you handle this?
Enamel paint dipped spoons
Too hot to handle. Oh yes.
  • First choose your wooden spoons or utensils.   If they are slightly shiny/varnished then scuff them with a bit of sandpaper until they feel slightly rough as this will help to hold the paint
  • Then wrap some masking tape around the handle, this is where your paint will finish (see photo below)
  • Coat with non toxic craft paint one side at a time: I opted for little pots of enamel paint and when dry finish with a layer of high gloss food safe shellac to give them extra shiny enameled look
  • It’s probably worth mentioning that to keep the spoons pretty, they are best hand washed as you don’t want them to chip in the dishwasher
Unpainted wooden spoons
Naked spoons

And here is some more paint dipped spoony inspiration…

Paint dipper wooden spoons

Pastel paint dipped spoons
Pastel paint dipped spoons (styled by Rebecca Newport for Decor8)
Paint dipped antique flatware
Antique dipped flatware
White paint dipped wooden spoons from Anthropologie
White dipped spoons from Anthropologie
Paint dipped coloured wooden spoons from Wind and Willow Home
Dipped spoons from Etsy’s Wind and Willow Home
Paint dipped wooden spoons
Wooden spoons painted by yours truly
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