Make your own mini eggs!

Who needs Cadbury's eh?
Melt the chocolate in a bowl over simmering water
Pour into the plastic bowl, shake it a bit to level the chocolate
Using a paintbrush sandwich the two halves together with melted chocolate and dust with edible gold or just EAT

I love a good mini egg and being far too reliant on the instant-out-of-a-Cadbury’s-branded-bag variety I thought I’d have a go at making them myself and it turns out, it’s not that hard!  I am hoping to score top marks at our Easter Sunday family lunch next weekend. PS Maybe don’t put the mould in the dishwasher afterwards, I did and it bit like the chocolate, it melted. Not pretty.

  1. Take an 18 hold plastic mould (I bought mine from Lakeland for a few pounds).  Melt a slab of chocolate (I went for good old trashy Cadbury’s Bournville) be careful not to heat it to too high a temperature nor stir it to much (pic.1).
  2. Pour the chocolate into the wells of the mould, give it a gentle shake to level out the chocolate and leave to set in the fridge (pic.2).
  3. Once cool, pop the little lovelies out of their mould and using a paintbrush and a little extra melted chocolate, seal two halves together to create your egg then get decorating (pic.3).  I went for all out bling with edible gold leaf but edible glitter would look just as fab

And if it all goes wrong, here are some of cracking alternatives you can happily buy from the shops…

Rococco's Salt & Pepper Easter Eggs (from £10). Genius


Two solid chocolate Easter eggs from Rococo Chocolates presented in a ribbon tied box: the white foiled egg is milk chocolate with sea salt and the black foiled egg is spiced with black pepper and chilli, salted & peppered.

Also from Rococo Chocolates for Easter are the Chocolate Hen Eggs and the Rococo Chocolates Hand Painted Easter Eggs, also in beautiful boxes.



Paul a.Young's Sea Salted Caramel egg: only 25 per shop so move fast...

Paul A Young has gone for a “Patriotic Britain” theme for his 2012 Easter collection – it’s all Pollock style splashes of red, white and blue AND – back by popular demand – his sea-salted-caramel-filled chocolate egg with egg cup and spoon. This year it’s been awarded Best Fancy Pants Egg by Delicious Magazine (April 2012 issue)

Fortnums Easter Activity Hamper £55.00

The Fortnums “Easter Activity Hamper”

Containing four wooden spoons and four chocolate eggs for an egg-and-spoon race, it includes a handmade cookie for the winner as well as Speckled Eggs and Hot Cross Fudge for sharing.

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