Lake Como

I adore Italy.  Ever since I first stepped foot in the country as a fifteen year old travelling to Rome to do work experience at the Vatican (no joke), I’ve never been able to shake off a feeling that part of me belongs there.  We were in Italy when James and I got engaged and then chose Florence as the place to get married.  I’ve covered just about most of the country but one area I’ve never been to is the lakes so I didn’t take much persuading when my dear journalist chum Zoe Strimpel asked if I’d like to come along with her to check out Lake Como’s “Citta de la Musica” festival and the Casta Diva Hotel.  Tough decision I know but someone has to do this kind of stuff…

View of the lake…
Before our little excursion into Como town
This pizza was roughly the same size as Lake Como

The hotel needless to say was beautiful, despite opening only two years ago, it was built around an Eighteenth century villa once belonging to the soprano Guiditta Pasta (love the name).  So I thought it only right to eat plenty of pasta in her honour including one particularly inspired dish of spelt maltagliati with chicken ragout, tiny black olives and Pecorino. Scrumpdiddlyumptious. The weather was terrifically tempestuous – blistering hot sunshine and shimmering water one minute, thunderous storms the next making the lake all the more beautiful to be close to.

One particularly splendid caipirinha
where I left my car… ok not my car. And I don’t drive…
View of the hotel from the terrace
The lovely Zoe


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