Italian picnic on a windowsill

La Dolce Vita a Portobello

Trying to buy your first home in London, when you’re not a zillionaire is really quite hard.  James and I have been spending every spare weekend and most evenings traipsing round roads, doing viewings and taking constant calls from dopey agents pushing us to come and see flats which rarely have much more going for them other than the fact they “benefit from their own front door”.  Yup, that’s considered a real selling point these days.

So after seeing yet another overpriced, crappy hovel on Saturday, James and I decided to call it a day, make some nice food and drink some wine – not a particularly challenging activity you may think and you’d be right.   And fortunately, the areas we’re looking to buy in have a couple of pretty wonderful places to feed hungry (and maybe slightly grumpy) first time buyers.

Sausage rolls the size of a sausage dog
How chopping boards should always look
Trying to absorb every last ray of sunshine between the rain showers

Nothing takes the edge off a disappointing flat hunt than one of The Ginger Pig’s hot buttery stilton sausage rolls.  They’re a regular feature of every flat viewing in the Askew Road area and we’re determined to single-handedly keep these master butchers in business with our porky purchases.

This, combined with some arancini balls, a great big wodge of oozy brie, homemade bruschetta, perfectly cooked seared beef tagliata with rocket (courtesy of Mr T) and some much welcome – if brief – sunshine suddenly seemed to make everything ok again as we laid out a DIY picnic on a window ledge of our flat and tried to ignore the bemused stares from throngs of passers by wondering what the hell we were up to… Needless to say, it was an excellent lunch.

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