How to make a rubber stamp…

Handmade dachshund dog print wrapping paper
Dachshunds as far as the eye can see…
Dog shaped rubber stamp
Time to get stamp happy
Look at these bad boys

So last night I experimented with rubber. Ok not that kind of rubber, this was the school eraser variety, which it turns out you can fashion into rather cool personalised stamps. Perfect for making your own cards, fabric printing, gifts etc

  1. First you’ll need a rubber (for once WHSmith actually serves a purpose), I bought a few different ones to experiment, they’re about 50p each so hardly a financial stretch
  2. Place the rubber on a piece of paper and draw round it, this is the maximum size your image can be.  Next draw the image you want to make a stamp out of inside these lines
  3. Using a piece of tracing paper, make a copy of it with clear bold pencil lines. To transfer the image on to a rubber, flip the piece of tracing paper over and place it face down on to the rubber, rub the back of the paper by scribbling hard over it to leave an imprint of the design on the rubber
  4. If you want to experiment with a more modern technique, try making a photocopy of your image. Place it face down on your rubber, and either: 1. wet it with acetone (nail polish remover), or 2. cover it with a cloth, and then go over it a few times with a low heat clothes iron
  5. Once you can see the image clearly on the rubber trace over it with a pen so it’s nice and clear. Then using a scalpel / craft knife start cutting! Remember to cut away the areas which have not been inked! Always cut away from the inked areas at an angle so that they become the peaks of little ridges
  6. When you have finished the carving, press it onto an inked pad and try it out on a piece of paper.
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