Chocolate dipped rice crispie caramel squares

Chocolate dipped rice crispie caramel squareschocolate dipped rice crispie caramel squares

So this weekend, I got recipe testing for something to bake for our friends’ wedding party next month. The challenge is to come with something that I can make in vast quantities (we’re talking about 170 guests) that I can make in someone else’s kitchen (as our kitchen will currently be a building site) which is easy to transport to Kent and won’t melt/crumble/disintegrate and most importantly looks brilliant and tastes AMAZING. Chewy rice crispie marshmallow squares have always been a very popular fixture in our house so I decided to pimp the recipe by dipping them in dark chocolate and who knows, maybe I’ll go totally crazy and whip out some neon sprinkles for the big day.   After all, it’s not everyday that two friends who James and I introduced to each other, get married.  So, David and Juliette if you’re reading, these are for you and you’ll get to scoff them on your wedding day x


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