A blanket for my baby

Unlike my sister and quite a few friends I am not a great knitter, learning a new stitch or technique takes time and always having to stop and start means I spend far too much time trying to work out where I left off hence the various half finished projects in cotton bags languishing around the house. Despite this I knew that when it came to choosing a pattern for my own baby’s first blanket I knew I wanted it to be a little bit different from the ones I had made before for friends and I wanted to attempt at the very least a new stitch. This time it was rice stitch…  Yep, totally new one to me too. I came across this particular design in a lovely little book called ‘What to knit when you’re expecting’,  by crafty wizard Nikki Van De Car who spent the months before her daughter’s birth knitting up a storm (there are some pretty scrummy things in this book if you like knitting and happen to know a baby or two).

What to Knit When You're Expecting cashmere baby blanket

In the introduction to the pattern she describes this blanket as incredibly quick to knit up, sadly with a full on day job and major building project gobbling up any spare nuggets of time it took me an impressively long time to finish this but I did at least get it done just in time for the plum’s arrival. I opted for a lovely cream Cashmerino for the body of the fabric and a duck egg blue for the border. Shortly after starting it I spoke to my sister (also pregnant at the time but three months ahead of me) who it turned out was knitting exactly the same pattern for her baby. Nice. Here I am proudly showing it off in bambino Florence’s newly finished nursery…

White baby nursery


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