A wedding cake for my sister

My sister is getting married in a field overlooking the Suffolk coast in a few weeks and she’s asked a few friends and family to each make a favourite cake and bring it along, crafty little vixen that she is.  But this is good because we all know how much I like a bit of cake baking and they’re going to look darn good all laid out a trestle table

Summer fruits Victoria Sponge wedding cake inspiration

The tricky bit was choosing which cake to make. Coffee and walnut was shot down straight away, someone else is already making red velvet cupcakes, fruit cake isn’t generally much of a crowd pleaser and carrot or courgette could prove a bit too “whacky” so I’ve plumped for a great big pillowy Victoria Sponge piled high with summer berries and sprigs of mint and maybe a few wild flowers (hopefully not the poisonous variety as that could really put a damper on the wedding day). I’m hoping the finished creation might resemble some of these masterpieces…

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